IT Infrastructure Management Systems

Our ICT infrastructure management systems are tailor made for SME’s. We currently offer two systems:

SoftBox: SoftBox is a onsite server, specifically developed to offer your business a comprehensive software management system.

  • Patch and update management- By using softbox as your patch and update manager, all updates are only downloaded once to the server, and from there it is deployed to all your workstation machines, saving you bandwidth and time.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all your IT resources, detailing specifications and resource utilisation
  • The software management module can be deployed to prevent the installation of illegal and dangerous applications

FeuerBox: FeuerBox is a firewall and SME serve solution for SME businesses. The server is installed onsite and offers:

  • Complete firewall protection, both from external intrusion and outbound traffic.
  • Web proxy providing caching to speed up overall internet experience and content filtering to prevent employees from accessing inappropriate websites during work hours.
  • Internet usage prioritisation allows us to give your mail and important websites priority.
  • Full usage reports, detailing all your internet usage for your office.
  • FeuerBox is able to provide additional server modules as well, eg. network shares, mail hosting, inhouse websites etc.
  • The system is also able to provide failover and load balancing between multiple internet connections for improved uptime.